Hello! I’m Austin, and I’m a designer based in Chicago. I produce delightful & engaging digital experiences using interactive media, immersive design, and moxie.

But any designer can say that. So here’s the good stuff.


The Advent Project

I’m the designer for The Advent Project: an online, multimedia Advent calendar featuring 24 different artists that benefits immigration justice in the U.S.



Jellyvision helps people make informed decisions about their health and finances, using an unusual blend of behavioral science, good writing, and not being boring. I produce the media and logic for our interactive conversations, which simulate a chat with a real person.


CHANGE Illinois

CHANGE Illinois fights for better governments and elections on behalf of everyone in the state. I designed a new website and publishing platform that would let their small, nimble team work as fast as they do at everything else.


What can you do?

Lots of stuff! My specialty is design for web, video, and sound, and my favorite projects involve all three. I can write CSS or keyframe an animation with the best of ’em, but what I most enjoy is solving creative problems. I want to know what's not working about an existing design, and produce something that elegantly addresses those shortcomings with a team that is cross-functional and enthusiastic and nice.

What can’t you do?

Lots of stuff! Web design has changed a lot over the last five years, and that means new frameworks and tools for making websites. I enjoy working with people who can help me keep up with emerging technologies, and how to apply it directly to real needs.

Where do you work?

Currently I work at Jellyvision, where I produce interactive experiences that help employees learn about their health and finances. Learn more about what I do!

Can we talk about working together?

Yeah! Email me.

How is this site made?

This is maybe the 7th iteration of my portfolio — previous versions have been powered by WordPress or straight HTML/CSS — and I like using this site to try out new web technologies.

This version uses Gatsby, a framework based on React that makes it easy to build sites using the Jamstack. I think sites should be easy to edit and maintain, and for sites with heavy publishing needs, I don't see tools like WordPress going away. But for smaller sites, Gatsby is a great way to go. (And a perfect opportunity to learn about JSX and React, which I hadn't tried before building this site.)

Is it really that cold in Chicago?

Yes, but it’s the gray more than the cold that sucks.